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NCNU received National Sustainable Development Award

publish date : 2022/12/17


The Executive Yuan recently announced the list of winners of the National Sustainable Development Award, and National Chi Nan University (NCNU) received an award in the Education category. President Dong-Sing Wuu mentioned that NCNU established a Sustainable Development Committee this year and has as many as 241 general education courses and 1,817 credit courses related to sustainable development indicators after integrating the curriculum with Taiwan’s sustainable development goals. NCNU subdivided resource recycling into 13 categories and gradually increased the recycling rate to 43.2%. Moreover, the university supplied 100 electric motorcycles on campus for students to lease and share. Students can use these vehicles on campus or ride them between the university and Puli Township in support of reducing traffic emissions.

Dong-Sing Wuu pointed out that NCNU is expected to reach the goal of net zero carbon emissions ahead of schedule in 2043 in response to Taiwan's energy transformation. The university will establish an estimated solar power generation capacity of 8,000 kWp and continue to serve the Nantou County government in an advisory role to expand the scope of collaboration and promote local revitalization. In terms of curriculum and school management, NCNU plans to launch a sustainable development education program, establish sustainable development credit courses, and compile sustainable development reports.

Dong-Sing Wuu further indicated that the Taomi Community Development Association in Puli Township, Nantou County, also won the National Sustainable Development Award this time. NCNU is located in the administrative district of Taomi village. The fact that two winners of the National Sustainable Development Award came from an area of 18 square kilometers sets the best example of university and community co-creation.

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