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Alumnus Chun-Ying Huang, a Google software engineer, shared the job-hunting mentality needed to land a job with an international company

Alumnus Chun-Ying Huang
Alumnus Chun-Ying Huang
publish date : 2022/11/24

Chun-Ying Huang (黃俊穎), an alumnus of the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering at National Chi Nan University, returned to his alma mater to share his experiences early this year. With "the Google Interview" as the title of his speech, he encouraged NCNU students to achieve the optimal goal of working at Google. Chun-Ying Huang, who had not yet graduated from the Department of Mathematics at the time, was admitted to the master's program of the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering at NCNU with a college equivalency credential. He received the master's degree under the guidance of Professor Yuh-Ming Huang (黃育銘), who leads the department’s Information Coding Research Laboratory. After graduation, he worked for several hardware-related companies to assist in algorithm research. In 2019, he joined Google as a software engineer.

Chun-Ying Huang recalled the courses that he took in the past and mentioned Discrete Mathematics (taught by Dr. Su-Tzu Juan), Data Structure and Algorithm (taught by Dr. Lieu-Hen Chen), and Probability (taught by Dr. Wen-Kai Cheng). He pointed out that these crucial courses are essential requirements for information engineering-related occupations noted in "the Google Interview." He encouraged the audience to take advantage of their school days and learn the fundamental subjects well.

Chun-Ying Huang reminded NCNU students to update their resumes frequently and use a global talent recruitment platform as much as possible if they wish to land a job with an international company. It was asked if working at Google required English proficiency. He indicated that whether Google job interviews are conducted in Chinese depends on the interviewers. The applicants may face interviewers from all over the world; in this case, the communication will, of course, be in English.

In addition, Chun-Ying Huang mentioned explicitly in his speech that Human Resources (HR) personnel at Google also have domain knowledge! Therefore, questions about the professional field may be asked during an initial HR interview. It is a pity that many colleagues in the company who graduated from prestigious universities have formed virtual clubs, such as the National Taiwan University Club, Chiao-Tung University Club, and Cheng-Kung University Club. He hopes that NCNU alumni will have more self-confidence and courage to apply for Google jobs and that there will be an NCNU club one day.

After the speech, NCNU students asked questions enthusiastically. For example, it was asked what the leadership style for guiding new employees at Google would be. Chun-Ying Huang suggested that new employees should maintain a positive attitude at work, raise questions as soon as an issue comes up, and not pretend to understand when they do not. Another question was, "Are there any opportunities for talents other than software expertise at Google?" He replied that Google has research in the fields of science, health, biotechnology, economics, and e-commerce, and even HR personnel need to have domain knowledge.

Finally, Director Herng-Yow Chen (陳恒佑) of the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering stated that the Institute of Computer Science & Information Engineering launched an interdisciplinary program (Group B) two years ago. He welcomed friends in various fields who want to expand their domain knowledge in information engineering to join the program and seize the great opportunity.

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