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NCNU President received Outstanding Contribution Award

NCNU President received Outstanding Contribution Award
NCNU President received Outstanding Contribution Award
publish date : 2022/11/24

President Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) of National Chi Nan University was recently awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award at the annual meeting of the Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT) and the Special Project Showcase of the National Science and Technology Council.

To elevate academic standards and forge ahead in coating and thin film techniques, TACT awards outstanding researchers engaged in the field of coating and thin film every year in recognition of their dedication and positive contributions.

The association presents several awards yearly, including Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Contribution, Outstanding Service, Outstanding Paper, and Outstanding Youth awards. Dong-Sing Wuu has been deeply engaged in the fields of semiconductors and optoelectronics. He has been assisting with domestic and international affairs related to the TACT for years and served as the editor for special issues of the association journal and the chairman of committees to bolster Taiwan's international reputation in coating and thin films. He was affirmed unanimously by the meeting attendees for receiving this award.

Dong-Sing Wuu is particularly grateful to the founding director of the association, Professor Ming-Show Wong (翁明壽), Chairman Chia-Fu Chen (陳家富), and Chairman Fu-Hsing Lu (呂福興) for their participation in domestic and foreign affairs and research. He encourages all new scholars to support the work of the association and looks forward to passing the baton to an outstanding young generation, particularly in the areas of net-zero carbon emissions, wide band gap semiconductors, and the new application of 2D thin films, to begin a new era in the fields of coatings and materials in Taiwan.

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