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Office of Secretariat

publish date : 2022/10/04


According to Article 23 of the organizational regulations of our university, "the Secretariat shall appoint one Secretary General to oversee secretarial duties ..., and may also appoint several staff members as needed." In accordance with Article 14, Section 10 of the same regulations, "the Secretariat shall consist of the Documentation & Conference Service Section, and the Public Relations & Alumni Service Center."


The Secretariat is responsible for school-level related meetings, committees, and other related businesses such as media contact, news release, public relations, alumni services, school anniversary, and cherry blossom festival, etc. The mission of the Secretariat is to assist in promoting school development, enhancing service efficiency, and striving to enhance public image.

The Documentation & Conference Service Section is responsible for major school-level meetings such as school affairs meetings, administrative meetings, school development planning committee meetings, faculty appeal committee meetings, and other related businesses. They are also responsible for layered responsibility and accountability division planning, Taiwan Integrated Higher Database, mid-to-long-term institutional development plan, as well as managing incoming and outgoing documents, file management, mail processing, and other related matters.

The Public Relations & Alumni Service Center is responsible for media contact, news release, public relations, alumni services, school anniversary, cherry blossom festival, and other comprehensive businesses.

Hours: 8:30 - 17:00, Monday - Friday

Location: 3Fl, Administration Building



Yung-Ping, Tseng
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2100

Hung-Pin, Hsu
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2109

Chi-Yu, Chen
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2103

Hsuan-En, Hung
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2105
E-mail: hehung@ncnu.edu.tw

Chieh, Yu
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2106
E-mail: callyujack@ncnu.edu.tw

Tzu-Yin, Lu
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2107
E-mail: tylu@ncnu.edu.tw

Hsin-Yi, Lin
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2111
E-mail: eileen@ncnu.edu.tw

Pei-Yu, Liao
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2113
E-mail: pylaio@ncnu.edu.tw

Ming-Gang, Wu
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2114
E-mail: mgwu@ncnu.edu.tw

Nan-Qiong, Lin
TEL: 049-2910960 ext. 2115
E-mail: nqlin@ncnu.edu.tw


Office of Secretariat
Office of Secretariat
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