NCNU Pandemic Journal (May 14 to May 21, 2021)
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NCNU Pandemic Journal

May 14

In the midst of a sudden rise in Covid-19 cases in northern Taiwan, NCNU’s Students’ Association hasted to finish a scheduled outdoor concert with less than 500 attendees, with face masks on and without food and drinks, at NCNU’s grand campus lawn on May 12.The university’s administrative team is now holding online meetings more frequently, to review all the pandemic prevention measures and make sure they are implementedproperly and in a timely manner.

May 16

All corners of NCNU campus were disinfected during weekend.

May 17

Today is the university’s first day of launching online learning, a well-practiced routine ready to go since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year, making the transition from physical classroom to online mode a smooth operation. Campus management in response to the pandemic such as diverting flow of staff to additional offices, flexible working hours, student performance evaluation measures, and acquisition of video equipment for financially disadvantaged students will soon come into place.

Within 3 days, Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星), the university’s president and chief officer for pandemic control, convened 2 school-wide meetings online to oversee how these action plans were implemented. The priority of these measures is to safeguard those living or working on the campus while protecting students’ education rights.

May 19

Information transparency and timely updates play a vital part in pandemic control. All stakeholders are put on the same page and can respond and move accordingly. Thanks to technology, everyone can raise questions and request assistance using online platforms. Today, the Students’ Association expressed on students’ behalf their concerns about classroom hours running short due to Taiwan’s nationwide school closures, especially the stress of meeting English-language credit requirements before graduation. They were given quick responses and felt reassured.

After launching online courses, the campus dormitory saw a 50% decrease in residents, while around 1,300 students chose to stay. The Nantou bus company offering service between Puli and NCNU notified the school that they will reduce buses coming in and out, as recent passenger volume has been reduced from 16 passengers to 2.4 persons per ride.

This very afternoon, the central government announced that the pandemic alert has been raised to level 3 across the whole country. The president convened an online meeting once again to examine issues such as diverting staff to different offices; these action plans were implemented right after the conference call ended.

May 20

Today, the media reported stellar student recruitment for some public universities including NCNU, with enrollment reaching above 80% of full capacity. All the efforts made under the instructions of Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星), the university’s president who was inaugurated on Feb. 1, have proven fruitful.

Recruitment is vital to the school’s sustainable development, and the administrative team has been accelerating its stride for sustainability in all areas, including caring for students. The Ministry of Education reminds all academic institutions to take care of the psychological state of students and faculty who are receiving PCR tests or under quarantine. Currently, there are 6 students awaiting test results while staying in separated spaces or at home.

May 21

NCNU has experienced months of drought, which has plagued central and southern Taiwan for several months. Water-storing and -saving measures have been in place for a month. Today, we are so delighted to greet rainfall in the afternoon — the second spell of rain we had in recent weeks. During the pandemic, we are grateful to have an undisrupted supply of water for washing hands.

Good news! PCR test results for all 6 students were negative. 

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