New pathway to stay with the new Normal- International Cooperation between NCNU (Taiwan) and UoA (Japan) under the uncertainty of pandemic.
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New pathway to stay with the new Normal- International Cooperation between NCNU (Taiwan) and UoA (Japan) under the uncertainty of pandemic.

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 August 18th, 2020. National Chi Nan University (NCNU, Taiwan) and University of Aizu (UOA, Japan) initiated an educational and meaningful on-line speech for NCNU students under the summer course titled Cross-Cultural Communication. The course is co-lectured by Prof. Hung Wen-jou (Department of International Comparative Education, NCNU), Prof. Tatsuki Kawaguchi (Office for Strategy of International Programs, Center for Globalization, UOA), Gili Chen (Officer, NCNU OIA), Julianne Lin (International Executive Manager, NCNU OIA), and Windy Phan (PhD Student, NCNU).

Cross-cultural Communication, the concepts to understand from one’s own culture to others, this is a theoretical and skill-oriented course that help students to acquire communicative knowledge and practices. How to embrace diversity and manage differences is not an easy task but follow the CCC course we will have some clues about it.

Under the pandemic situation started in 2019, numerous reported confirmed cases all over the world and no country can be exception. When the pandemic continues and many industries including higher education were seriously impacted and were forced to change the way they operate before. Since physical mobility is limited, how can international cooperation continue?

National Chi Nan University and University of Aizu are sister Universities since year of 2009/11/20, the head of Center for Globalization, UOA Prof. Tatsuki Kawaguchi and International Executive Manager, NCNU Julianne Lin brought together the new collaborative items between Universities—Cross-cultural Collaborations.

The series of lecturing, group discussion, skill training, mind exploration and to the most accumulated field presented in the special keynote speech given by Prof. Kawaguchi discovering and inspecting of inter-cultural approaches and experiences from different perspectives.  

Since two sides have those experts embedded with enormous experiences in international cooperation and the full strength to advocate inter-cultural communication skills. This collaborative projects immediately finalize with an on-line interactive lecture by Prof. Kawaguchi and Lecturer Lin.

University of Aizu is fond of its brilliant talents and unique resources in the field of Computer Science and Information Engineering, within this strength, NCNU and UoA can proceed the virtue meeting along with physical presence of CCC course students and lecturers in Taiwan, this meeting brings us to the milestone of the New Normal under the pandemic situation global wise. At the meanwhile, the tele-communication technology has shown its vivid contribution to global education as well as international higher education collaboration.

This is only the beginning, in the future, the two Universities will strive to initiate more UOA+ NCNU collaborations in creative and comprehensive ways to booster more possibilities and greenlights. Facing the uncertainty that pandemic caused us, we have to be updated and embrace the New Normal and under that technology, passion and innovation is the key to conquer.


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