COVID-19 Notice
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If you have recently visited any of the locations listed in the link below, PLEASE inform the university immediately and self-monitor for possible symptoms for 2 weeks (14 days).

NCNU Pandemic Hotline: 0932576184

NCNU’s COVID-19 response team can be reached by dialing the university’s extension number #2341

Possible symptoms include fever, respiratory troubles, stomach pains, and loss of smell. For those who are showing symptoms, please contact Nantou Health Bureau ASAP for health advice and protocol on how to receive testing and treatment from Nantou’s 5 appointed hospital centers. Do NOT take public transportation and PLEASE be upfront with recent travel and contact history. 

Rapid Covid-19 tests in Nantou County
What to Bring: Two Cards
National Health Insurance (NHI) card, Taiwan-issued identification (ID) card
 What to Expect: Four Steps
1. Queue (and maintain social distancing)
2. Present ID and NHI card
3. Follow instructions for testing
4. Return home (and avoid crowds, public transport)
Rapid Covid-19 Test Sites
Renai Park (仁愛公園): June 2 (2-4 PM)
Pipa Village Community Center (枇杷集會所): June 4 (2-4 PM)
Center of Taiwan Monument (地理中心碑): June 5 (2-4 PM)
Key Information
-          Wear a mask at all times
-          Avoid public transportation
-          A negative rapid test result is not a 100% guarantee of being Covid-free; Taiwan uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test as nationwide standard for confirming Covid-19 cases. Therefore all rapid test takers will also provide samples for PCR tests.
-          Those with positive rapid test results will receive immediate medical attention on-site; those with negative rapid test results will be asked to return home and continue to self-monitor for any possible symptoms.

Nantou Health Bureau Hotline: 2220904

CDC Consultation Hotline: 1922l

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