COVID-19 Notice: 5 rapid test centers available from May 30 to June 1
公告人 :秘書室 程白樂 [][分機:2101] - 2021/5/30 下午 12:29:19
審核人 :程白樂 - 2021/5/31 上午 09:30:48
公告結束 :2021/6/13 上午 12:00:00
Today, 4 Puli residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Three are members of the same family residing in Ailan Village (愛蘭), Puli Township. The fourth case is a family friend. Three cases traveled to Taipei for work on May 15, and started developing symptoms in the following days.  

Five COVID-19 rapid test centers are available at Puli Christian Hospital (11am to 5pm on May 30) and the Puli Branch of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (9 to 11am, then 2 to 4pm on May 31 and June 1). Those who frequented the same locations as Puli’s confirmed cases or have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, stomachache, fatigue, or shortness of breath can get tested during service hours. 
Nantou Health Bureau Hotline: 2220904

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