NCNU Pandemic Prevention Measure
公告人 :國際處國務組 蔡函君 [][分機:3665] - 2022/4/21 上午 09:55:50
審核人 :莊宗憲 - 2022/4/21 上午 10:47:00
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NCNU Pandemic Prevention Measure

Updated Pandemic Response to the Courses over 80 Students from April 21 to April 30.

In response to the current epidemic situation, courses with enrollment of 80 students or above shall be switched to distance teaching from Thursday, April 21 to Saturday, April 30, 2022. Courses with less than 79 students will maintain taught in person.
All instructors and students are required to be in accordance with the ensuing measures; please also note that, these measures are subject to change in tallying with the latest announcement of the CECC:

◎Courses with enrollment of 80 students or above:
1. The Course shall be switched to distance teaching from Thursday, April 21 to Saturday, April 30, 2022.
2. When implementing distance teaching, in order to ensure the effectiveness of students’ learning, attention must be paid to students’ online attendance, class observation and discussion, evaluation methods, etc.; and records related to online teaching shall be kept as the basis for the Ministry of Education’s audit and examination.

◎Courses with less than 79 students:
1. The course will teach in person.
2. The number of students in the classroom shall not exceed 80, teachers and students should wear masks at all times and implement hand disinfection, eating and drinking shall be prohibited throughout the classroom.
3. The classroom roll call shall be implemented.
4. Classrooms should be ventilated well and cleaned regularly.

◎If there are students who are unable to go through immigration due to the epidemic, or unable to attend the class or take exams due to isolation, instructors are required to record digital courses and provide students with learning in either synchronous or asynchronous methods to ensure that there is no interruption in students’ learning; instructors are also recommended to adopt make-up exams or other flexible remedial measures, based on the essence of the course, to ensure that students’ learning rights can be kept intact without being affected by the epidemic.

◎For more detail
1. Moodle BigBlueButton: Chief Jian (System Section of Computer and Network Center) (extension:4030)
2. School network: Network Section of Computer and Network Center (extension:4041-4048)
3. Curriculum: Assistant He (Curriculum Section of Office of Academic Affairs) (extension:2222)

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