NCNU's Project of Online Tutoring for After School's Learning
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Helping those in need is always heartwarming and rewarding. For the past six years, Chi Nan University have been participating MOE Project of Online Tutoring for After School's Learning, serving as Central Taiwan Tutoring Center, embracing the mission to bring educations to kids from remote areas and offer them a solid and thorough academic foundation. Students learn Chinese, Math and English through video tutoring and we have been receiving good responses.

Most of our participants came from aboriginals or disadvantaged family: some were raised by single parent, grandparents, or foreign spouse. Usually, under these types of circumstances, parents aren’t able to afford adequate care. So besides academic assistance, accompanying them is also one of the crucial roles in this program. Participating Project of Online Tutoring for After School program is a door-opening for the students: It broadens their perspectives and offers them extensive career options. Participating Online Tutoring for After School program have brought the community awareness on the importance of education. Parents realized poor grades does not imply inabilities, is solely because the lack of resources, and online tutoring complement this insufficiency. Kids have gained confidence under their study partners’ care and no longer feels lost behind. As university students’ roles shifted from being students to teachers, their study attitudes and interactions with kids brought forth distinctive personal growth.

The door to such dream is very limited, thus Central Taiwan Project Director Wei Hsuan Tso advised the public to support them with what you can, so more kids can have learning opportunities. oth individual and corporate can always support our project. Either financial support or donating laptops, internet or teaching equipment, these are always welcome and we are always grateful.

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