NCNU endeavors to recruite elite students from Vietnam regardless of pandemic situation
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[ NCNU News Release] 2020.06.21 @University of Technology, HCM City

OIA NCNU attends Vietnam Education Expo in HCM city June 21. We were honored to be invited to the annual expo for young students to have knowledge about the Higher Education Institute in the heart of Taiwan. Despite the world is under the pandemic situation, NCNU still endeavors to present in Vietnam for we are committed to provide quality education with global standard and much affordable tuition and connections.

 NCNU is always with you. OIA Executive Manger Julianne Lin and Officer Gili Chen hosted a whole day on-line conference for students who are interested in coming to Taiwan. We even provide facial mask protector for its crucial to keep the social distance for epidemic control. NCNU is 1 of the only 2 Taiwan Universities during this fair, our brilliant alumni Lily ( Trinh Hoang Hong Hue from Dept. of Public Policy and Administration) and excellent Ph.D. student Queen (Quynh Nguyen from Dept. of International Comparative Education) physically elaborated on the niche and their true story studying at NCNU and Taiwan. Audiences include students, parents, and faculties from school were highly interested in the information and support system that NCNU provides.

The expo attracted more than 20,000 to participate and went on a great success as well as promoting higher education. NCNU is proud to be part of this event and we look forward to your visiting real soon.

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