NCNU Abroad Alliance Program
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NCNU Abroad Alliance

In efforts to stimulate diverse internationalization, NCNU emphasize on cultivating professionals developments. After few months of diligent preparation, Office of International Affairs organized “2013 NCNU Abroad Alliance”. Students are encouraged to expand international participation and mobility through the rich resources from international exchanges and assistances.

Science and technology students usually have lesser opportunities to study abroad due to intense curriculum framework, but NCNU Abroad Alliance Project incorporated information engineering professional courses, graduates’ international professional seminars and industrial visits for students to expand their horizons. Seventeen of our graduates visited Tokyo Metropolitan University, University of Tokyo and University of Aizu for industrial visits and thematic research. The entire course, which took place from July 22 to July 29, offers units exemption for related professional courses.

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Since our partnerships with TMU in 2008, we have organized numerous international seminars, professors exchanges, nominated doctorate and post doctorates exchanges but still unable to expand into undergraduates exchanges. In 2013, TMU organized International Conference of Graduates Information Science, twenty NCNU students and TMU students presented posters introduction, among the personnel, NCNU students of Lu Heng Chen of Computer Graphic Lab, Su Zi Ruan of Computing Theory Lab, Zhen Chang Liu of Video and Image Processing Lab and Xuan Hua Lin of Knowledge Extracting Lab presented in this seminar. Students presented subjects of 3D video production, graph theory and application of Hamilton's law, multipoint positioning analog video, application of image recognition in symptoms identification and application of main characteristics recognition system and much more. This conference received enthusiastic responses and proposals from TMU, which opens more future collaboration opportunities.

University of Tokyo

The 2013 Abroad Alliance offered professional curriculums for exchange to the Osawa Laboratory of University of Tokyo, the well known research center of image editing, graph theory and application. In comparison, Taiwanese universities’ research is mostly towards academic research but Japanese universities’ tend to emphasize higher practicality and output, the qualities worth learning from. In exchanged of NCNU doctoral student Yu Sheng Chen of Computing Graphic Lab research, UTokyo doctoral student Kinako published “Graph Theory Analysis Model in Clinical Care”. Both parties expressed high level of interests in research methods and objectives.

University of Aizu

UoA spares no efforts to enroll international students and offers more than one hundred undergraduate degree English courses. Since the collaboration is 2009, UoA had been applying the use of information technology in pursuit of greater well-being and convenience of human life, promoting international exchange and investing considerable resources and planning for internationalization. Since the 311 earthquake in Japan, UoA had been actively developing and dedicated to promote social stability and recovery. NCNU International Affairs Office and UoA International Strategy Center joined together to design each professional courses and conducted four professional academic lectures and open discussions. The topics include digital encryption systems, image recognition system, identification of body function, the application of graph theory and algorithms, etc.

Since the completion of the exchange, the results are estimated as follows:

(A) Firmly establish sister school partnership and develop multi-cooperation models.

(B) Extend non-school level cooperation.

(C) Provide international exchange and cross-border research between professors.

(D) Train students to think independently and face with the soft power of international exchange.

(E) Stimulate students’ professional knowledge of international exchange.

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